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Smart Place Consulting
& IT Services

TechTJW Consulting LLC does Smart Homes and Smart Businesses! We specialize in Smart Places and can help you to establish or maintain your very own. We provide network infrastructure, as well as support for the Internet of Things and other IT device configurations. Welcome to the home of your Smart Place Pro!


Get Connected to the Future with TechTJW Consulting LLC.

Our Services


Support & Consulting

We provide consultation and support on a variety of different electronic devices, including but not limited to, hardware and software updates, planning for the future, and Smart Space design, build, maintenance, and improvements. Reach out today to see if we can help with your particular application, or to get potential solutions to your data networking issues.

Computer Services

We repair hardware and software issues for your home or business computer. We do custom builds for industry-specific applications. We upgrade internal components to make your current computer continue to perform at its best. We will listen to your concerns and will work hard to help you achieve whatever goals you may have for your computer or server. Reach out to book a spot today.


Today's modern home and business environment consists of a variety of hungry data-driven appliances. Having a speedy and robust data network can make all the difference in the performance of these devices. We build these structured networks to provide you with the professional data networking your day-to-day business depends upon.

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